Our Story

and the passion behind Bellona Kitchen.

Johnnie Fusco continues the family legacy…

If you crawl through any small Italian village, or run through the door of your Nonna’s house, you will not only be met with big warm hugs and laughter but the smell of tomatoes and garlic.

It seems that recipe books are built into the knuckles of Nonna’s, and for Johnnie Fusco, his have been written the same. Tracing the pages from Nonna’s home garden and generational cookbook, Johnnie continues the family legacy of garden grown tomato sauce and hand kneaded pasta.

He continues to welcome flavour and family into his kitchen— filling bellies and celebrating life.

Truffles fries from Bellona Kitchen presented on a wood platter
Aggie Fusco making drinks at Bellona Kitchen
Bellona Logo White

Why the name Bellona?

As a tribute to Johnnie’s roots, Bellona is a small farming town just north of Naples. He carries his family’s story of olive trees and harvest tables for family dinners and playing cards, ones that he plates the meals from each branch of his ancestry—from garden to garnish.

Johnnie & Aggie Fusco standing together behind the bar at Bellona Kitchen

Johnnie and his wife, Aggie

Years ago, Johnnie and his wife, Aggie adopted a plant inspired lifestyle; Bellona is a place where they share passion for plant inspired homemade cuisine.

Outside of Nonna’s kitchen, Johnnie has perfected his craft for over 25 years as a chef, restaurant connoisseur and hospitality professional; leading him to open his own kitchen doors to share the love of his culture, and passion for plant inspired cuisine— enhancing Sunday night family dinners.


“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”

– Frederico Fellini –

Walk-ins are always welcome.
Reservations are recommended on weekends